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Cloudflare’s SSL for SaaS offering provides SaaS providers the opportunity to extend the security, performance, and encryption benefits of Cloudflare’s network to their end customers. This includes management of the entire SSL certificate lifecycle for custom vanity domains.

With a single API call or one-click in the Cloudflare dashboard, we provision individual SSL certificates for custom hostnames, making it easy for SaaS provider end customers’ to serve traffic over HTTPS within minutes. No action is required on the SaaS provider’s customers’ behalf, other than initially CNAME’ing their custom domain or subdomain. Certificate management and renewals are handled automatically by Cloudflare.

Join us to learn about:
• The performance, security, and encryption benefits of Cloudflare for SaaS providers and their end customers.
• How SSL for SaaS manages the entire SSL certificate lifecycle for SaaS providers and their end customers, from purchase to renewal.
• The hurdles of building and managing an in-house SSL solution for custom domains.
• How SSL for SaaS seamlessly delivers encryption to custom domains.

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