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Deano’s tools is one of the most widely used modules offered on the market on unity. The installation instructions are written out and simple, and yet, there still seems to be a need for a video, to show step by step how this should get installed.

Deanos Tools V1.8.3 – Dolphin 7.0.x Version

Deanos Tools – Version 1.8.3 – Updated on July 20, 2011

This product is for Dolphin 7.0.0-7.0.8

NOTE: This is a new market entry. Old entry could not be edited due to a unity market error that prevented editing of my post. I had no choice but to start a new entry. If you had bookmarked or added the old market page to your favorites, then please update them.

This module provides a set of additional tools for Dolphin 7.

The tools provide an easy way to do a variety of tasks that are not available stock with dolphin.

This module will be updated as I add more tools.

Support for this module is provided via the forums at

You may also make suggestions in the forum for tools you would like to see added to future releases.

Tools included in this version are as follows.

1) Tools Config Settings

2) Site Administrators Section.
This section allows you to promote any standard member of your site to administrator.
Links to viewing their profile and editing their account are provided in this section as well.
A link is also provided to allow you to logon as that member. The logon is done within a
framed page with the site appearing in the bottom frame, and a link to switch back to admin
provided in the top frame.

Allows you to quickly login to any members account, do any fixes you needed to do and then
quickly switch back to admin.

3) Set Copyright Text
Change the copyright text that appears at the bottom to the site for any of the installed languages.

4) Shoutbox Messages
Allows you to clear shoutbox messages.

5) Site Tags
Allows you to view the sites current tags and easly remove any that you choose.

6) SQL Query Tool
This will allow you to perform a MySQL Query. NOTE: This does not return any results.
It is intended to be used to inject query data into the database. You can paste an entire
SQL backup file, or SQL files for mods into this box as well as single line queries.

As of version 1.4 you can also upload SQL files to be run as well.

7) Remove Spam Messages
This will delete ALL messages sent to every member that matches the senders member
ID specified. Member ID’s are used instead of names so it will work even if the
member is no longer in the database.

8) Set Width of All Pages.
Here you can change the width of all page builder pages in one shot. Use it to reset
the pages back to the default of 998px, or set all the pages to a value you specify in the box.

9) Insert PHP Block.
From here you can easily insert a php block onto any page currently in the page builders.

10) Edit/Delete PHP Block.
Here you can edit any PHP block that exists in the page builders. Not only can you edit your own
PHP blocks, but you can also edit all existing dolphin PHP blocks as well.

11) Delete Cache Contents.
Selectively delete contents of cache, cache_public and tmp folders.

12) IP address Log.
Deanos Tools 1.7 logs ip addresses. This section displays the logs.


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Robert Dave Myrland · June 9, 2018 at 5:52 pm

Miller John, I cant find Deano's Tools anymore. Do you have a clue what happened? I cant find his product page with all modules, free or for buy. Can u verify he quit his profile at Boonex?

If u have the newest file of the free module that track IP addresses for all who use the page, I welcome u to post a download link to it.

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