Twitter Downloads

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Here are the files you will receive:

Twitter Marketing Excellence Training Guide

Twitter Marketing Excellence Cheat Sheet

Twitter Marketing Excellence Mindmap

Twitter Marketing Excellence  Resource Report

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: An Introduction to Twitter Marketing
  • Chapter 2: Building Your Brand and Creating Synergy
  • Some Examples of Ways You Can Create Synergy
  • Chapter 3: Delivering High Quality Content
  • The Lifestyle
  • Getting Personal
  • Reacting to the News
  • Finding and Sharing Content
  • Deals and Offers
  • Chapter 4: Work Smart, Not Hard
  • Tools
  • Twitter Analytics
  • Chapter 5: The Social Aspect and Growth Hacking
  • Growth Hacking With Influencer Marketing
  • Real World Networking
  • Engagement
  • Follow and Follow Alike
  • Inviting People to Join In
  • Marketing Events
  • Chapter 6: More Uses and Angles on Twitter
  • Reputation Management and Public Relations
  • Twitter Advertising
  • Chapter 7: Conclusions and a Strategy Outline