Frozen Out

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Choreographed, filmed and edited by Julia Griffin

A European funded choreographic research project that involved 5 European Countries, Romania, Estonia, Italy, Nederland’s and the UK.

The project explored the theme of displacement and temporary migration, as artists are displaced to other countries to experience alternative cultures and to research new methods of working, develop creative languages and to explore the ‘creative process’ through alternative translations and ideas culminating in the creation of new work under the umbrella title of ‘The Migrant Body’.
Artists can be very transient by nature, where the working environment incorporates travel to different countries and creative exchanges of cultural identity, heritage and social context within the framework of a collaborative process of making new work with and alongside other artists.

The project provided an opportunity for myself as the selected choreographer for the UK to explore, experiment and investigate the global dance community and how this has an impact upon the various dance practices of each selected choreographer. The research outcomes of the project were to promote new creative strategies that can be shared, exchanged and developed.

The aim of the research project was to explore traditions, histories, personal stories and cultures of the places hosting the project and compare that with the premise of the body as that of territory, where artists encounter ideas to investigate, experiment, deconstruct and develop.

A town lives through its symbols. Traveling through places that are simultaneously different and similar, where does humanity end and begin and at what point do we feel connected to each other. The idea of seeing each other in this different cultural context, how far does that disconnect us from ourselves. Proximity and distance, being surrounded by isolation, on the edge of being lost, aimlessly wandering and waiting for expectations that do not arrive. ‘We must all of us, you and I and everyone, occupy a space’.

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