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Here Are The My Video Talk Product Range

1) The My Video Broadcaster

The My Video Broadcaster allows you the ability to deliver your enterprise sales message all around the world in high quality definition in real time.

With the Video broadcaster you can have your own personal designed custom made banner at the top on the left, and a banner / button on the right using your logo design on there.

These banners possess hyperlinks which means as soon as your customer clicks them it’s going to send them to another site,but keeping them on the broadcast.

There is a screen that displays your live video streaming. This can be aliened from right to left or if you don’t want to show the screen that’s possible. You also have a full screen mode.

Most of the broadcast that I have watched so far a part from a few the display screen was to the left at the top, the Instant chat under that screen, with presentation to the right. The grade of the High Definition awesome .

You can also let your guests download files like j pegs,power points, live videos,pre-recorded videos,customer surveys which allows you to interact with your customers and prospects and staff.

The instant chat is in the control of the administrator and can be removed at any point.

2) The My Video Talk Web Conferencing

Similar to the broad casting but with added features.

You can have face to face one to one communication with up to 7 individuals all at the same time. You will find the capability and also to bring other people who are in the listening only audience, and change them for a visible person on the call.

3) The My Video Designer

I have to confess, I quite like this of software. Why? well it allows people to send a very good quality branded video email right in the customers in- box

So you can now stop sending the same old texed e-mail. It is now possible to send a prospect a video email with text as well. Once again the My Video Designer can be branded to your speck with banners. both the button and banner can be hyper linked.

The My Video Talk Products are not the easiest to use, but this is very easy to set up.

There is tracking of all of your campaign available, telling you when and what has been opend.

This product will give any size business a advantage over there competition.

4) The My Video Talk Channel

Your very own youtube style channel that you can customize to and how ever you like it again all banners are clickable. This is your own branded web site at the click of a button, no hosting required and no web designers.

One of the main benefits to this channel is that there is no 3rd party advertising leading your hard earned prospects or traffic away to other web-sites. You have more control of what prospects see. And so you can direct them to your other sites or where ever.

You can also put a capture form on the site so that you can capture names and email address.

It is also possible to add meta tags and keywords and for Search Engine Optimization purposes. This will help your My video talk site get found by all the search engines.

5) My Video Talk Web Show

This is a live or pre-recorded web network show .

This could be your own CNN type station .

So now you could take a hobbies you love or a subject you teach and make a show, teaching your talent.

Your shows can be live and interactive shows or they may be prerecorded.

The network has the ability to be shared on facebook and twitter.

You can also have a pay per view system .

This is a very good opportunity to turn your interest in to a brand new stream .

6) The My Video Talk My Live Learning Center

This my video talk product is being launched in April 2011 and promises to be a real game changer.

At home you will be viewing the top specialists teaching subjects from food preparation to marketing, online affiliate marketing online, mind set and much more.

These will all be industry leaders and motivators assisting you get to where you want to be.

The My Video Talk products have been properly planned and designed by in-house software developers.

The My Video Talk Products are high speck as well as good value for the money.

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