How to Backup My Wordpress Site Files and Database With Cpanel

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Don’t know How to take backup of WordPress website through Cpanel Here I share step by step video guide to backup WordPress database and file via Cpanel manually.

We have to take a backup of both database and WordPress.
First, we take a backup of site files.

Step 1: Open Your Website Cpanel like

Step 2: Enter Cpanel username and password and login to your Cpanel

Step 3: Click on File manager, choose web root Public_html/www folder

Step 4: Click on any folder and click on select all icon

Step 5: Click on compress icon and choose zip archive

Step 6: Give a name to your backup folder like – backup_decemeber and press compress files button

Step 7: Now the zip folder is ready, Click on the backup_december zip folder and click on download icon

Step 8: Downloading is start

Step 9: So After taking backup of WordPress file, now we will take a backup of WordPress database also.

Step 10: Go back to Cpanel, click on PHPMyAdmin in Database Tab

Step 11: Select your database like my database name is: wwwmotil_datamine

Step 12: Click on Export, Export method should be Quick and click on Go button

Step 13: Now the WordPress database will start downloading automatically.

I hope now you learn that how to backing up WordPress site manually in 10 minutes. If you like the video then
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