How to reset WordPress Admin password in Cpanel

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How to reset WordPress Admin password in Cpanel

In this Tutorial, you will see and learn How to reset your WordPress Admin password in Cpanel or how to change wordpress admin password in cpanel. This video might be good for Freshers who are unaware of rest a wordpress password through cpanel.

Steps to Follow:

1. Go to your website
2. Login to your cpanel account by putting in address bar
3. Login to your account using your user name and password
4. Go to databases and click on ‘phpmyadmin’.
5. You will see a screen and check on left side and clik on + sign.
6. You have to check for which domain you would like to change the password.
7. Click on + Sign and choose ‘wpkx_Options’ or ‘wpXX_options’
8. Check the domain name here in site url on right side.
9. Click on ‘wpkx_users’ or ‘wpXX_users’.
10. Cick on edit on right side.
11. In ‘user_pass’ put a new password which you would like to setup for your wordpress admin.
12. Choose MD5. click on ‘save’ and ‘go’
13. Thats done!
14. You can check your website on and login to your admin panel by putting
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