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We know you literally have 10’s of thousands of web hosting firms to choose from. With all the marketing schemes, outlandish offers, and confusing terminology it can be a daunting task to decide. There are many good ones out there. However, if you’ve poured your heart and soul into your site, depend on the site for a living, have been black-listed by Google for Malware, or manage sensitive data for your clients we would like to be your host of choice. Clients primarily choose RivalHost because we have all the critical components that combine to form comprehensive, secure solutions, with expert management, dedicated support, and a rock solid infrastructure.

Here are a few of the reasons we think you should consider RivalHost.com:
Our servers are located in one of the Premier Data Centers in the World (GSI). GSI was the first Data Center in the world to meet the stringent security criteria by becoming 100% PCI DSS compliant for managed services. We have complete on-site access to all of our racks by our employees 24-7. You are in very good company with names like American Express, Visa, Colgate, Burger King and more. If you would like to schedule a tour please contact one of our sales reps.
All our shared hosting accounts are hosted on brand new Dell Enterprise-class hardware packed to the gill’s with 48GB RAM, 15,000 RPM SAS drives, and the latest Nehalem processors.
All our servers are protected with enterprise-class virus scanning.
All Small Business & Enterprise shared hosting accounts include enterprise-class Barracuda email SPAM and virus filtering for one domain and unlimited email accounts.
And last but not least I personally promise you will be thrilled with RivalHost and guarentee it for 60-days. If you have questions or don’t feel you’ve received the service expected, I encourage you to email or call me directly I always return calls and emails within 24-hours.

All of us here at RivalHost look forward to serving you!

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