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Here are highlights of the 2-day training seminar of the new Live range of consoles by SSL. Product Specialist Fernando Guzman offered a guided tour of the L500 consoles at CRAS in our Live Sound Venue. This is an example of one of the many free classes that we have for CRAS students.

George Horton, Vice President of the Western Region for SSL, and Fernando Guzman, Live Product Specialist for Solid State Logic, held a two day free seminar for CRAS students. The first day was called anatomy of a show, where they will be taking their live consoles – L500 and L300 – to reconstruct a show today. Basically, this is more like how does the consoles works in a real situation. The next day will be more of a formal training course.

This video features in-depth coverage of all-pass filters and the query system of the Midas Pro audio consoles.

Video by Zach Duncan and Jess Repanshek

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pablo alanis · July 4, 2018 at 7:03 am

Creo que el video no explica en detalle ni en macro la capacidad de la mesa de mezcla. Muy pobre.

I think the video does not explain in detail or macro capacity mixer .
Very poor.

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