SynchTank Hosts: A Guide To Indie Sync With VICE Music Supervisor Lindsay-Bea Davis

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Hosted by Synchtank, the leading online catalog management and licensing software for labels, publishers, and other creative organizations, and moderated by Synchtank’s Account Executive Mike Falis, this webinar will delve into the fundamentals of sync for independent musicians and rights holders, including how to identify opportunities, best practices for pitching, what music supervisors are looking for, and more. Joining Synchtank representatives will be Lindsay-Bea Davis. Hailing from Nova Scotia, Canada, Lindsay-Bea has worked on a number of films and television shows in Los Angeles (directors include Tyler Perry, David Cross, Nick Cannon, etc.), as well as partnered with the Canadian Performing Rights Organization, SOCAN, as their Licensing Consultant in Toronto. She has shared her music business expertise with the Guild of Music Supervisors in Los Angeles as an Executive Consultant and is currently based in Toronto as the Music Supervisor for VICE Canada.

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