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What is shared web hosting? GoDaddy explains what shared hosting is and how you can determine if it’s the right solution for you. To learn more, visit us at

Hi there! In this video, you’ll learn what shared hosting is and a few ways to identify if a shared hosting solution is right for you.

In a Shared hosting solution, your hosting account is one of many accounts on a server, or group of servers, that are maintained by a hosting provider.

If you’re new to hosting and watching your budget, shared hosting might be a good place to start.

Here’s a few things to consider, when determining if shared hosting is the right choice for you.

In general, the daily traffic to a small business website doesn’t exceed 2,000 visitors. This means that small business websites typically don’t require a lot of bandwidth or resources to support them.

In addition, newer, small business websites tend to be more simple and straightforward, with fewer website files and data. Which in turn, means they often do not require a lot of server space or other resources.

By sharing a hosting server with others, shared hosting solutions allow you to get your small business website the power and space it needs, at a much lower cost than a dedicated solution.

If you decide that Shared hosting is right for you, you’ll need to decide which type of shared hosting you want.

GoDaddy offers three shared hosting solutions: Linux plans using cPanel, Windows plans using Plesk, and WordPress Hosting.

Each of these solutions offers different features and benefits. You can learn more about all of them on GoDaddy.com.

Remember, shared hosting allows you to share hosting space and costs with others, while still getting the speed and space you need for your small business website.

Linux plans using cPanel:
Windows plans using Plesk:
WordPress Hosting using Managed WordPress:



Manoj Kumar · February 27, 2018 at 3:35 pm

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